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I believe misfits, empaths, complex thinkers and creative visionaries are just the kind of people we need. But too often, we bury the brilliant parts of ourselves to fit in, for fear of losing out on an opportunity or because we think we’re not good enough to pursue the path we deeply desire. Or, we may not have the support or examples of others like us.

I want to help you shed old narratives that say the only way to survive is by losing touch with your aspirations and inspirations, or the only way to find success is to mimic the status quo.

Here, I’ll share my most valuable lessons learned — including true stories, creative rituals, big-hearted (and honest!) money tips, plus some nourishing lifestyle routines to keep it luscious. 

Together, we’ll show the world it’s not a luxury, or even frivolous, to follow our inspiration.

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