As a freelancer, you probably spend lots of time on social media, consuming content and creating it. All too often, social media can become a space filled with comparison and negativity. Choosing to spread social media positivity as an entrepreneur helps you build community, create a brand based on kindness, and attract the right audience. 

So, how do you actually make social media a more positive place? There are tons of ways to do it. 

How to Spread Social Media Positivity Online As A Creative Entrepreneur How to Spread Social Media Positivity Online As A Creative Entrepreneur

7 ways to spread social media positivity

Spreading social media positivity means being a light in a digital world. Whether it’s a business account or a personal profile, there’s a LOT of negativity that circulates online. 

Even worse, many freelancers and creatives find themselves trapped in a game of comparison. We compare our work and success to others all the time, forgetting that social media is usually just a highlight reel. 

No matter your niche, choosing social media positivity means that you’re creating an impact that reaches far beyond you. Here are some of the best ways to promote social media positivity each week on your profiles!

1. Set a clear example for your audience

One of the most important ways to make social media a more positive place is to exemplify that for YOUR audience and followers. Fill your feed with content that inspires you and makes you feel good. Interact with posts and creators that prioritize positivity and align with your values. 

In your own posts, be sincere, genuine, and authentic. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the highlight reel and get vulnerable with your audience. This might sound counterintuitive to spreading positivity, but being real (even when it’s hard) helps people know the real you and feel less alone. 

Mix inspirational and motivational posts into your weekly content calendar. The more you can promote positivity in your posts, the more drawn people will be to do the same. 

2. Make sure to be inclusive to everyone

As our social media profiles grow, it’s easy to be swept up in popularity and numbers. 

But to focus on social media positivity, remember that the individual matters. Every single person that interacts with your content matters. Each person that follows you matters! 

You’re not trying to build a huge following. Sure, that’s a great feeling. But building a true community that’s supportive and kind is what’s really important on social media. 

That’s why you should try to include everyone in your marketing—not just those that act, look, or sound like you! Diversity makes social media more vibrant and powerful, and with positive marketing strategies tailored toward inclusion, you’ll start to see the growth you’re hoping for organically. 

On that same note, be inclusive to everyone by taking a few extra seconds to make your posts disability-friendly. On stories and videos, include captions for deaf or hard-of-hearing followers. Use alt-text on your photos (and descriptive captions) to include everyone. 

These techniques only take a little bit of time, but they have a resounding (and far-reaching) impact. You’re showing everyone who sees your pages that they matter and that you care about them. 

3. Keep your messaging simple but unique

As a freelancer or creative, you’re likely posting lots of unique content, portfolio shares, and educational tips. Hopefully, as mentioned above, you’ll add in motivational and inspirational content to keep your feeds positive. 

In all of your posts, though, be intentional about keeping things simple. Make it easy for people to know who you are and what you stand for. 

You want your messaging to be exciting (so that people will engage) but also rewarding. This is a win-win! As you build an online presence around social media positivity, people will start to feel good about engaging with you and your business. 

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4. Focus on small impacts over huge numbers

Cultivating true social media positivity means building a community from scratch filled with people who love your message. It’s okay if it takes time to build a following! 

Try to shift your mindset and focus on consistent, meaningful growth over rapid change. One person seeing your page and becoming a client is a big win. Don’t forget to celebrate every little milestone! 

Just be consistent in posting positive messages and content, and the results will follow. 

5. Consistently focus on creating positive messages and posts

The norm on social media isn’t healthy or positive. Most of the time, social media is a very inauthentic, staged place filled with idealized content. 

You can break that norm! Create your own community built around positivity and don’t worry about meeting any sort of trend or social norm. Focus on true relationship building between you and your audience. 

Share other creators who are doing the same thing! You’re actively working to promote social media positivity, which means overturning the comparison trap. Your followers are going to be so inspired by the way you uplift others and reward positivity and kindness. 

Oh, and try to keep your positive content super interactive! Respond to all comments, answer DMs, and create interactive content whenever possible. 

6. Create authenticity and avoid the comparison game

In your own feed, you should follow accounts that inspire you, but not ones that make you feel unworthy or like you’re not enough. Don’t compare yourself or your business journey to others! Your business (and life) is unique to you, so your mindset needs to focus on gratitude for where you are. 

When you’re advocating for social media positivity, it’s okay to take breaks. Even when filled with positivity, social media can be a lot to handle. Digital breaks are okay and can be very restorative for your creativity and productivity. 

On a similar note, try to encourage your followers to do the same. Be real and show behind-the-scenes content to let your audience get to know the real you. One fun thing to do is before-and-after posts of edited photos—have fun with it! 

7. Spread the love through social media positivity

This final tip is one of the best ways to spread social media positivity while giving yourself more reach. 

Make sure to share the love! Collaborate with other accounts for giveaways or lives. Share other people’s work and content. Do weekly round-ups of your favorite accounts to follow. 

Or, if you have a Facebook group, create threads for celebration and support where people can share their wins and ask for help. 

There’s no reason to only post about yourself! This type of content helps your followers trust you. And the odds are that whoever you’re sharing will repost that content, giving you more exposure, too. 

Social media positivity doesn’t have to happen overnight. These small changes and steps can help you build a positive space online. Your followers will appreciate this, and honestly, the impact will be much wider than you’d expect! 

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