Getting up early in the morning helps us be productive, but it’s definitely a challenge if you’re not naturally a morning person! Creating a productive morning routine helps you start every morning off on the right note. 

To be more creative and knock more tasks off your plate each day, getting the morning started the right way is key. So how do you actually create a productive morning routine that serves you and your business goals? 

How To Create A Productive Morning Routine That Will Boost Creativity | Heal My Muse

How to create a productive morning routine

If you’ve never had a morning routine before, you’re not alone! 

Most of us just start the morning off however we see fit that day. Some of us rush right into emails, social media, or business tasks. Others get distracted and overwhelmed by the thought of getting started with the day. 

Let’s be honest—being a business owner is hard. Being in total control of your time and schedule is amazing, but it also means that all the responsibility falls on you. That’s why creating a productive morning routine is so important

Here are five simple steps to add to your morning to feel more creative and productive every single day. 

Meditate in a creative way

Meditation helps foster creativity and focus in a powerful way. But for creative people and business owners working from home, meditation is about so much more than just sitting still and breathing. 

Have you ever heard of moving meditation? It’s basically the conscious practice of staying present while moving through the steps of your routine. 

As you make coffee, shower, and get ready for the day, actively think about being present in the moment. Practice gratitude and reflect on your successes—and avoid letting your mind race toward deadlines, to-do list tasks, or client work. 

Moving meditation is helpful for everyone, but it’s especially important if you’ve struggled with traditional meditation. 

Not everyone can sit still, breathe, and clear their minds, and that’s okay! 

Holistically, meditation does help business owners relax by alleviating stress. But really, it’s also a powerful way to kickstart your focus, creativity, and motivation! Centering yourself and reflecting on your gratitude and successes is an amazing way to start your day. 

Especially since you’re the creative visionary behind your business, you need time to have a blank slate each day. Consider adding meditation or moving meditation to your productive morning routine for incredible results. 

Add a shower as part of your creative process

Okay, so a shower is probably a pretty basic part of any morning routine. But it’s actually a huge opportunity to start your day off feeling creative and productive!

Think about it—for so many people, our best ideas happen in the shower. If you can look at your shower as an opportunity to slow down, reflect, and brainstorm, you’re going to start the day with a spark of creativity! 

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the moving meditation. Do what you feel is best to help your shower be a place of relaxation and creative energy. Whether that’s adding self-care, using products that feel great, or bringing in music, do what works best for you! 

A nice shower is an amazing way to kickstart your productive morning routine and start the day on a happy, motivated note. 

Take a little walk

As an entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to spend all day at your computer knocking items off your to-do list. We all have so much to do, so many new ideas we want to start working on, and tons of tasks to grow our businesses. 

But taking time to get moving is so important. 

It helps you center yourself, refresh your mind, and feel focused, motivated, and creative! Even a short walk each morning helps you in so many ways. 

Of course, getting outside for a walk is great for your physical health. It also gives your mental health a boost, though, by hitting the reset button. 

Adding a walk to your productive morning routine doesn’t just help you feel better and more productive each day. It also lowers the chances of you facing the dreaded business owner burnout. 

If you’re going to start walking as part of your morning routine, try and leave your phone at home. While music can help you feel happier, having quiet time to think without the strain of deadlines or calendars is really meaningful overall. 

Avoid certain tasks in the morning

We’ve been talking about lots of things to add to your productive morning routine, but what about the things you should avoid? Certain tasks aren’t great to start your day with. 

First, let’s talk about social media. While social media platforms are powerful tools to grow your business, social media itself is a total drain on mental energy, creativity, and your time. 

As the CEO of your business, your mindset is the most important. That’s why starting your day by being intentional each morning matters so much. And endlessly scrolling on social media and responding to comments isn’t the best way to foster the creativity, clarity, or motivation you need each day. 

When you first wake up each morning, avoid reaching for your phone and falling into the social media trap. 

Another thing to avoid during your productive morning routine is emails. While you have to answer emails at some point during the day, it shouldn’t be the first thing you do. 

The morning is the perfect time to set up your priorities and headspace for the rest of the day! 

Spend time checking in with yourself, reflecting, and completing your routine before you dive into anything work-related. When it is time to open your laptop, you’ll come refreshed and prepared to accomplish your goals, both creatively and operationally. 

Make time for what you love as part of your productive morning routine

You need to ease into your day as an entrepreneur. Doing what you love should be the number one priority in your productive morning routine!

A routine is there to support you and give you an opportunity to feel the way you want to feel. It’s not meant to be another set of to-dos. You should build your routine around the things that bring you joy, inspire you, and help you feel ready to tackle the day. 

Whether that means having quality time with your family, journaling, or sipping coffee out on the porch, do what brings you joy. 

This is another way to bring self-care into your workday, too! And since we all want to avoid working ourselves into burnout, adding joy to your morning routine is the best way to be productive while prioritizing your mental health. 

Plus, as a business owner, YOU get to design the lifestyle you want. Take advantage of that every morning! 

As you can see, building a productive morning routine is super important to fostering creativity, productivity, and clarity in your business vision. But being productive is about so much more than working hard! 

The more you invest into yourself each morning, the more you’ll be able to give back to your business. 

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