Let’s face it, making money is what sets freelancers apart from the “just doing it for fun” crowd. Every freelancer needs to know how to invoice in order to make that hard-earned money. The right invoicing tools make your freelancing experience easier, more convenient, and way faster, too. 

Invoicing tools like Microsoft Word may have been your go-to beginner invoice maker. But as your client base grows, you’ll need invoicing software that’s quick, easy, and automatic.

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The 7 best invoicing tools for freelancers

There are a variety of invoicing tools out there. With Freshbooks, Bonsai, Wave, and many more, the list can be overwhelming. How do you know which software is best for you? 

In order to sustain your freelancing business, easy-to-use invoicing software is a necessity. Here are the seven best invoicing tools for freelancers! 

1. Bonsai

Bonsai is a great option for any freelancer who’s looking to set their invoices on cruise control. The platform is completely hands-on, showing you data that can help improve your transactions while staying in control of your invoicing schedule. 

As a freelancer, you have the option of using invoicing templates for numerous transactions. On top of that, Bonsai provides contract and e-signature templates that are legally binding. This guarantees that you’re protected! 

The perks of using Bonsai also include getting paid faster, with an average 13 day turnaround time and fewer late payments. Bonsai works with anyone from anywhere. Whether you’re on the go or staying at home, you have the opportunity to work on a larger scale – even internationally. 

2. Honeybook 

Next, we have Honeybook. This is one of the most popular invoicing tools, and it has everything that a freelancer needs to successfully control their business.

From creating custom invoices to branded proposals, you have the ability to be in the know about tasks and notifications. 

Honeybook is great for freelancers who prefer visuals. Client information and tasks can be found all in one place, keeping you organized and prepared. 

You have the option of starting a free 7-day trial (without having to enter card info). After your time is up, Honeybook provides a number of paid packages to fit your invoicing needs.  

3. Freshbooks 

Freshbooks is one of the most popular invoicing tools for freelancers because it has the best software. We’re talking about creating invoices in less than 30 seconds invoice software. Crazy, right? 

This software gives freelancers the option to send custom invoices straight from their dashboards, set recurring invoices to specific clients, accept online payments, and charge late fees. 

Another reason why Freshbooks is one of the best is because of its automatic powers. If a client forgets to pay their invoice, Freshbooks will automatically send them a reminder. You don’t miss out on getting paid and you won’t have to spend your time reaching out to clients about late payments—it’s a win-win!

Freshbooks has a free 30-day trial, again without having to put in card information. And like Honeybook, they have plenty of paid package options to fit your freelancing needs. 

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4. Plutio 

Plutio is another great invoicing option because it’s an all-in-one kind of software. Invoicing is just one of the many things that a freelancer needs to focus on. If you can have all your eggs in one basket, you’re one step closer to being on top of your freelancing game. 

You have the ability to create tasks, communicate through a real-time messaging system, and connect emails, all while creating and sending customizable invoices. 

Plutio offers attachable invoices to projects, allowing you to stay organized. They also give you the ability to set a schedule and connect your PayPal or bank account to accept payments. 

Did someone say free? Yes, the best perk about Plutio is that having an account is free! 

5. Wave 

Wave not only offers great invoicing options but also helps with bookkeeping too. This means that you can manage your money more cleanly and effectively. 

As a Wave user, you have the ability to see payment receipts and use recurring invoices. They have the option of running payroll and tracking expense reports. 

This invoicing software is for my freelancers who love details. Wave focuses on everything you need to know about your money. They even have a color wheel for you to get super specific with your accent color on your invoice. How’s that for detail-oriented? 

Wave is also free, with unlimited invoicing options. Keep in mind that any invoices paid by credit cards directly result in a 2.9% plus $0.30 fee per transaction (but this is pretty standard). 

6. Harvest

Harvest is most likely the best invoicing app for freelancers who have consistent clients. If you have the same clients and work on very similar projects on a daily basis, this is the winner for you. 

Not only is it easy to create reusable templates, but your finished invoice is an easy-to-read work of art! With readable print and large numbers, your clients will know exactly what they’re paying and why. This can be really helpful in eliminating any confusion with clients. 

Like many other invoicing tools, Harvest has a free plan which allows only one user and the option to send invoices for two projects. If your clientele is growing (as it will), there are paid plan options. 

7. InvoiceBerry

Lastly, we have InvoiceBerry. This is one of the invoicing tools targeted toward freelancers who want to save time and money. 

You have the option of creating professional invoices that you can use digitally or physically, while also being able to use pre-design templates for different clients. Their scheduling options include the ability to set automatic invoices and reminders, and you can keep track of which invoices have been paid. 

InvoiceBerry directly helps with bookkeeping too. You can check your expenses to stay on top of your hard-earned money while creating reports for any payments, expenses, and tax summaries. 

For 30 days, you can try InvoiceBerry for free without having to enter any card information. After those thirty days, you can choose a Solo or Pro plan based on what kind of freelance work you’re conducting. 

Invoicing just got a whole lot easier, huh? This list of invoicing tools provides many options for creating and managing the invoices that you want to send! With any of these options, you’ll be one step closer to saving time and getting paid efficiently. 

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