Your home office is YOUR space. It should reflect who you are and motivate your creativity. But how do you build a room that keeps you productive? Adding in the perfect home office must-haves helps you build a space that works for you! 

9 Home Office Must-Haves To Keep You Calm, Creative, and Productive | Heal My Muse

9 essential and inspiring home office must-haves

Your workspace should have items that boost your comfort. The more comfortable you are, the more productive you’ll feel. These nine inspiring home office must-haves will help you be productive, creative, and stress-free no matter what you’re working on. 

Hygge home office must-haves

Before we discuss the things that will help your creative juices flow, we need to talk about what a hygge space is. 

The word hygge is a Danish word that roughly translates into enjoying simple things. When someone focuses their home around hygge, it means they’re looking for a sense of peace and serenity. Hygge home office must-haves are items that are going to bring you a sense of tranquility that will ultimately enhance your creativity and productivity. 

Soft lighting 

Remember in school, when you had to try and focus on some test under the harsh glare of the ceiling light? Yeah, it was kind of a nightmare. Those bright fluorescent lights hurt your eyes and can cause a lot of headaches. Even worse, fluorescent lighting can stand in the way of your creative process! 

When you’re looking for lighting for your office, go for a much softer option. Soft lighting is easier on your eyes, boosting your productivity while reducing the risk of headaches. Light bulbs that give off a warm glow will help keep the vibes peaceful and calm. 

If your home office allows for natural light, throw open those curtains. Natural light allows you to feel closer to nature and takes you further from the nightmare of being stuck inside all day. 

Plants and greenery 

A great way to incorporate hygge into your home office is through plants. Research has shown that indoor plants have many benefits that can fuel your sense of tranquility. 

They help fight off air pollution in your space and they can reduce the risk of getting a cold (thank goodness). But wait there’s more. Indoor plants influence our mood, increasing the chances of positivity and productivity, while also preventing deeper emotional pain or hurt. 


Continuing with our list of home office must-haves, we have blankets! Don’t be afraid to add a basket of blankets to the corner of your space. 

A lot of people think that the use of blankets is limited to your bedroom or living room. But who says it can’t be in your office? 

Having easy access to blankets not only provides warmth when it gets chilly but also brings peace to your space. If you feel more comfortable with a blanket over your legs while you work, you’ll be more productive and creative. 

Positive quotes 

Maintaining a positive mindset 24/7 is an impossible task. It’s completely natural for people to feel their emotions in waves. But there are ways for you to think more positively than negatively! 

By making your space a hygge space, you’re asking for all the positivity you can get. Affirmations and quotes surrounding positive thinking are great additions to your home office space. They help you remember the good when you’re stuck in the bad. 

Having positive quotes on your walls or on your bulletin board fuels your confidence and productivity levels. They remind you that you can do whatever you set your heart to. 

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Sensory home office must-haves 

Let’s go back to that memory of sitting in school and taking a test real quick. Think of the classroom. You were most likely surrounded by a boring landscape – the colors, the furniture, even the technology! 

If your workspace makes you feel unpleasant, you aren’t going to be any more focused. 

Many people believe that the more sensory objects you surround yourself with, the more distracted you’ll be…but it’s actually the opposite. 

A lot of people who work in traditional workspaces are understimulated by their environment, which can actually cause less productivity. People working in traditional workspaces are actually significantly less productive than those working in spaces filled with plants and art on the walls. 

On top of that, it’s been proven that those who have control over their workspace are way more productive than those who aren’t! 

This is why it is so important to decorate your space. Adding in these sensory home office must-haves will actually help improve your focus and productivity. 

Noise-canceling headphones

The name speaks for itself. Noise-canceling headphones are a great way to eliminate distracting sounds. Whether you have roommates or you’re living by yourself, these headphones can help tune your focus to where it needs to be. 

Items that appeal to all five senses 

Adding sensory items to your workspace means incorporating all five senses. By appealing to these five senses, you’re grounding yourself in the present moment. 

Creativity is linked to being in the moment. If you’re aware of your creativity, you have more control over it! 

Put pictures on your wall or across from your computer to give your eyes something else to look at other than blue light or a blank wall. Find a playlist to listen to while you work—a lot of people love classical or instrumental music. You can also listen to nature sounds, like waves or rain. 

Aromatherapy essentials 

Another fantastic way to engage your five senses is through smell. Aromatherapy can really help engage your mind. 

Try putting an essential oil diffuser in your home office. You can choose what oils you would like to diffuse and leave your room smelling great! Many essential oils help with anxiety and stress, pushing you toward a more tranquil environment. 

If you’re not a huge fan of a diffuser, try burning aromatherapy candles. Not only do they make your space smell pretty, but they give off that warm glow that I mentioned earlier! 

Sunlight lamp 

Natural light is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. According to research, those who experience more exposure to natural light sleep more, experience less stress, and become more active. 

Sunlight plays such a huge role in influencing our stress, our immune systems, and our moods. 

Not every home office has the luxury of accessible natural light, and that’s okay. Incorporate a sunlight lamp into your space! These lamps can help increase the brightness in your room without being too harsh, and help keep our bodies’ internal clock in check. 

Colors that boost motivation, creativity, and productivity 

The last item on the home office must-haves list is color. Whether it’s the main center of the room or detailed in accents, color has been proven to increase your motivation, your creativity, and productivity. 

Different colors can benefit you differently. Take a look at the list below: 

  • Blue – reduces stress
  • Turquoise – enhances imagination 
  • Green – increase creative output 
  • Yellow – improves focus 
  • Orange – reduces self-consciousness 
  • Red – increases motivation 

While adding color to your home office can increase comfort, there are definitely some colors to avoid using. Gray or brown in your space is a big no. Both colors have been proven to reduce energy flow and creativity. 

Your home office doesn’t have to reflect the typical work environment. By incorporating these home office must-haves into your space, you’re setting yourself up for more creative, calming, and productive days. 

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