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When you want to be unstoppable

Premium coaching for aspiring freelance writers




You weren’t meant for a small pond.

Hey, big dreamer. Do you imagine your name in lights, all over social media, or on national news?

Is your heart bursting with ideas for stories — but you’re not sure how to get them in front of the right editors?

You’re probably tired of looking at mediocre job boards advertising $0.03/word writing gigs and juggling hard, low-paying jobs while scrambling to find the time you need to build your writing career.

You probably think if you just work harder, take on extra hours at night or on weekends, and just stick it out a little longer, you’ll get your big break.

After all, that’s what people have been saying for generations.

Maybe you heard it from your hardworking parents or people around you who said that wild dreams are for other people. That the experts we see on TV and in the news were just born into the right circumstances, were better looking, had better connections and better educations. That being aspirational is frivolous, only for lucky, silver-spooned people — and DEFINITELY not you.

We creatives aren’t much better. How many times have you heard writers telling stories of rejection letters, doors slammed in their faces, stories ripped apart in workshops?

With all the odds against you, it’s no wonder you think breaking into a top publication, magazine, or newsroom is impossible without sacrificing your health, feeling desperate, and working yourself to the bone.


What if your story could set you free?


But here’s the thing: You have way more expertise than you realize. 

Just three years ago, I was a kindergarten teacher writing pitches on the weekends, desperate to get a reply from anyone. I submitted hundreds of job applications and even worked for free just so I could get the chance to have my name published.

I finally got my big break and started writing about money for CNBC — and it wasn’t because of another degree, more expertise, or more hard work.

What led to my success? Learning to trust myself and embrace my personal story. I wrote a pitch about how I made a big money decision, and an editor at Business Insider liked it.

Within two weeks, my name was all over the internet. No drama required. It was as simple as someone relating to a part of my truth — and me being the only one who could write it.

A year and a half later, I arrived in New York City to work at a top news outlet. I thought I had to perform at impossibly high standards to deserve my right to be included at the top. But the more I looked around, the more I realized that editors and employers didn’t want my desperate, “I’ll do anything” energy.

They wanted the same thing that had gotten me my big break in the first place: Conviction and trust in both my talent and my point of view.

I started gaining confidence in my pitches, and the stories I suggested broke records and sat at the number-one spots for days at a time. I slowly overcame years of imposter syndrome until I finally started to believe that I do, indeed, belong among the best.

And so do you.

And you don’t have to do it all alone.

Imagine: One day getting emails every week from PR agents offering you exclusive interviews with national best-selling authors, sports stars, and Olympic athletes. Picture your LinkedIn inbox full of recruiters and editors asking if you’ll write for them, and you having the power to ask for your ideal rates.

It sounds like a fantasy, but it’s not — it starts with just a simple decision.

Need proof of my story? 


Three years ago, I opened juice boxes and refereed on the playground for a living.

Here’s a throwback school yearbook photo from 2017:

What do you think of my “teacher smile” ?

Today, I have bylines with CNBC, CoinDesk, Time/NextAdvisor, Merriam Webster, Business Insider, and more.

I got here with a healthy dose of day-dreaming, pragmatism, and what I call healing with a side of hustle.

Yes, I had to heal. I had to heal the parts of me that were conditioned to be small.

I had to learn to believe in myself instead of giving my power over to everyone else who had better backgrounds, more talent, or whatever excuse I made up in my head.

And truthfully, I’m still learning. Believing in yourself is a daily practice, which is why we need support and community in the process.

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Let’s hear it for the underdogs



I believe your point of view is valuable and desperately needed.

I want news outlets, board rooms, c-suite positions, and media platforms to be full of underdogs: The people with unique perspectives. The people who’ve lived it all, seen it all, and figured it all out with humor and flair.

Imagine having a circle of editors you work with routinely — being able to write them up, pitch a story, and have them consider you the most qualified person to write it.

Get ready for the power of storytelling in your hands. Prepare to have a platform to share information you find newsworthy, and the confidence to say “yes” to the opportunities you deserve.


What you can expect

Goal Setting

Sort through your big ideas and identify the right goals and timeline based on your definition of success.

Hive Mind

Benefit from community and mentorship, plus weekly conversations about industry trends and issues.

Emotional Healing

Learn how to heal your inner critic, bypass your limiting beliefs, and rewire your brain for success.


Gain industry insight and real-time feedback from a working journalist who’s talking with editors and PR reps daily.

Here’s how to learn with me:

Pitch to the Top™


A 6-week group coaching program designed to help aspiring writers turn their own personal stories into out-of-this-world pitches that get the attention of top editors and score them their big break.

Pitch to the Top™ will take you beyond what you learned in journalism school and give you the real-time knowledge to get your name printed in publications across the world.


Answers to your questions:

Who is Pitch to the Top™ for? 

Whether you want to work in local media, become a trusted, on-the-ground freelancer for regional or national outlets, or to break into top newsrooms like I did, this course will help you better understand your place within the media landscape. 

This 6-week group coaching program is ideal for writers, new college graduates, or career changers who want to break into freelancing.

What topics will we cover in Pitch to the Top™?

Pitch to the Top™ is designed to be flexible and open-ended. We’ll adapt our biweekly master classes to the group’s needs and what is going on in the industry.

We’ll cover topics like:

  • What is service journalism?
  • Types of paying publications
  • How to find paying publications
  • How to get your name out there
  • Getting your first byline
  • Setting up your portfolio
  • Content marketing
  • Service journalism
  • SEO best practices
  • Improving your writing (simplifying, saying more with fewer words, having greater impact, active voice, making it conversational)
  • Managing overwhelm
  • Doing more with less effort (streamlining pitching)
  • Interviewing and note-taking best practices
  • Newsletters and mailing lists to get on
  • How to write a letter of introduction
  • Taking empowered feedback
  • Networking through social media
  • Setting up your website
  • Niching down / Picking a niche
  • Journalistic writing versus academic writing
  • Local journalism — how you can strengthen your community (covering town hall meetings, school board meetings, local crime, etc. *requires deep relationships*)
  • Beyond the inverted pyramid (it’s extinct)
  • Understanding the E-commerce model of journalism
  • Mindset work for entrepreneurs
  • Self-worth and self-care for creatives
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Healing your money relationship
  • Making editor contacts
  • Working with PR reps
  • What editors want
  • How to write to the right audience
  • Publication business models (and why it matters for your writing)
  • Crafting the perfect pitch
  • Sending your first LOI
  • Targeting high-paying clients
  • Finding opportunities
  • Preparing for your big break

…and more

What is the price?

The price of Pitch to the Top™ is $3,500.

What's included in the price?

Pitch to the Top™ offers more value than a semester of college, since you’ll be learning alongside fellow freelancers and receiving mentorship from a working writer who’s navigating the ups and downs of the industry with you. Forget textbooks, exams, and pop quizzes; let’s dive in and learn by doing!

All Pitch to the Top™ members will access:

Weekly live Q&A calls with Megan and fellow members where members can ask for help on pitching, ideas, workshopping, and more

Members-only site to access recordings of past calls and bonus material

Monday master classes on relevant topics and industry news

Private Slack channel access to connect with fellow Pitch to the Top™ members, bounce ideas off each other, share and hear about calls for pitches, ask for source ideas/contacts, and lean on the support of fellow freelancers

Are there payment plans or discounts?

Not currently. If you can’t afford Pitch to the Top™ right now, follow me on Instagram and YouTube. I will be releasing free and low-cost resources for trailblazing professionals in 2022!

What is the time commitment?

Every Pitch to the Top™ cohort lasts 6 weeks.

How much time you’ll spend learning:

Weekly Q&A calls: 1 hour per week on Fridays (time TBD)

Master classes: 1 hour every week on Mondays (time TBD)

Private Slack channel access: Spend as much time as you want on Slack connecting with other freelancers and learn of ongoing writing opportunities.

Outside homework and journaling exercises 1 to 3 hours per week

Total time commitment: At least 2-4 hours per week for 6 weeks

About Me

I am a Pushcart-nominated poet, service journalist and misfit at heart who’s learned how to navigate the world of freelancing with style and humor.

In under three years, I pivoted from teaching kindergarten to working full time in a top U.S. newsroom as a service journalist and editor. From 2020 to 2021, I interviewed expert financial planners and thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Ellevest’s Rachel Sanborn Lawrence and the pseudonymous NFT collector known as Whale Shark.

My first big freelance learning moment was in 2019. After an editor at Marie Claire expressed the tiniest bit of interest in my pitch, I self-funded a trip to the Virgin Islands, interviewed dozens of sources, and spent hours workshopping a story that never ultimately went to print. I eventually sold the piece for just $200 to an online niche publication for teachers, never making back the amount I spent on research. Fortunately, I believe wholeheartedly in embracing “mistakes” — and now I’m here to guide you through yours.

You don’t have to play small, just because you’re in a learning curve. I’m here to remind you of your inherent self-worth, your powerful voice, and your ability to follow through on visions you believe in, even if things pivot along the way.


Megan is a fantastic editor and writer who always brings enthusiasm and creative ideas to a team. While working together, she provided constructive edits that improved my reporting and helped me think outside the box.

Megan is a delight to work with. She is a global thinker, always seeing the big picture and creating a strong vision on executing the finer details that assist in completing all projects.

I’ve read easily dozens of books and hundreds of articles purporting to contain “simple” and “universal” financial advice, and your article gets far closer than any of them. 

Still have questions?

Send them my way.


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