Being a creative entrepreneur is absolutely amazing. But all of us face challenges being creative sometimes! To get inspired, these six books for creatives are the perfect solution! 

Sitting down to do creative work, whether it’s writing, art, design, music, or something else entirely, is a little scary. With a blank slate in front of you, it’s easy to get stuck. Boost your inspiration by taking a few moments to read these amazing books for creatives! 

6 Best Books for Creatives to Read This Year | Heal My Muse

The best books for creatives to read

Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, you can try to boost your own inspiration. There’s no right way to do it, but books can be really helpful in inspiring your creative flow. 

Here are six of the best books for creatives to read! 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

If you’ve ever struggled with feelings of self-doubt, this is THE book for you. 

Elizabeth Gilbert has created a compelling, relevant, and honest novel about insecurities and how to cope. Entrepreneurship can feel lonely, but this is one of the best books for creatives to know they’re not alone. 

You may recognize Elizabeth Gilbert as the bestselling author of the popular novel Eat Pray Love. But in Big Magic, she talks about creative ideas and creative actions, and how we can become purposeful in pursuing our passions. 

She mentions her writing, but this book really is perfect for creatives in general. And Gilbert also argues that we are all doing creative work each day, no matter our profession. 

The War Of Art by Steven Pressfield

We’ve all struggled with creative blocks at some point or another. If that’s where you’re at right now, The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is right for you. This book is basically a ready-to-go, practical guide to finding success in your creative ventures. 

This book discusses the voice within us that slows our creative progress to a halt. If you need help feeling disciplined and ambitious creatively, this book is for you! 

It’ll give you a little boost to overcome your fears and focus on what’s truly important to you. As an artist, a writer, or any type of creative, this book will help inspire you to pursue your dreams and accomplish your goals. 

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

This book is a little different, but it still fosters creativity and helps you overcome any mental blocks you’re facing! 

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon is an artistic book filled with poignant, heartfelt advice. This is one of my favorite books for creatives, and it truly will light a fire under you to work on what you’re passionate about! 

In this book, you’ll read about how to find inspiration from outside sources and other artists, writers, and creatives. One of the coolest discussions in this book is how everything creative is made from little snapshots of the five senses and how we experience the world! 

This book is a quick read that’s worth keeping on your shelf. Reading Kleon’s work feels like having a conversation with an old friend. 

If you’ve ever struggled to be yourself as a creative person, you’ll love this book. You will learn one really important truth—that all art is taken in part from something else. 

He also covers the importance of doing what you love now and being in the moment creatively. 

Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley and David Kelley

This is one of the best books for creatives and beyond! It’s one that everyone should really read at least once. 

Creative Confidence is written by David Kelley, the founder of IDEO, a company emphasizing human-centered design, and his brother Tom Kelley, a bestselling author. They’ve collaborated to help people understand and unleash their creative potential! 

This book is unique because it stands on the premise that all of us are naturally creative. No matter your job, background, or passions, this book will help you reflect and change the way you view creativity. 

It’s especially powerful for entrepreneurs who are ready to creatively solve problems and build out new product launches! The bottom line in this book is that creativity is natural and can be refined through practice. 

On Writing By Stephen King

We couldn’t possibly create a list of the best books for creatives without mentioning Stephen King’s On Writing. It’s kind of a memoir, kind of a guide to writing, and all-around packed with incredible advice. 

He’s a natural storyteller, so even non-writers will love this book. But for any creative, storytelling is a part of the equation! King recommends helping your readers envision what you want them to see. 

If you’ve been struggling with trusting your own instincts, pick up this book. It’s full of advice to help you trust yourself! 

Even more important? He argues that waiting for inspiration isn’t the answer. You have to go out and find it! 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck By Mark Manson

The final book we’ll shout out on our list of the best books for creatives is one that’s been so popular the last few years. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson isn’t solely targeted towards creatives, but it will absolutely boost your confidence!

No matter what your niche is, we all receive negative feedback now and again. Unfortunately, that can build up into a crippling level of self-doubt. For creatives especially, learning to let go of what others think lets us focus on what truly matters. 

These six books for creatives will help you feel inspired! No matter what you’re passionate about, taking a few moments to read a good book will give you valuable advice and help re-spark your creativity. 

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