Most of us have heard of extroverts and introverts. But there’s a whole separate group found in the middle of that spectrum: ambiverts. People who are ambiverts act like introverts and extroverts in different situations. 

Ambiverts find social interaction and rest energizing in different ways. But for many ambiverts, knowing how to avoid creative and professional burnout is tricky. Navigating the world as an ambivert means needing to get super clear on what restores you and when. 

How Ambiverts Can Avoid Creative Burnout With Better Work-Life Balance | Heal My Muse

Why is burnout so common for ambiverts?

It’s all too easy for ambiverts to think that they aren’t prone to burnout. But the truth is that ambiverts are actually more likely to become burnt out. 

No matter your personality type, balance is so important. For ambiverts in particular though, balance matters even more. You have to maintain a balance between socialization and alone time—too much (or not enough) of either is a recipe for burnout. 

Both personally and professionally, ambiverts have to nurture both sides of their personalities. It’s easier, of course, to only focus on one. But if you want to stay creative and productive by avoiding burnout, you need to spend time socializing and alone in a healthy balance. 

Part of the reason why it’s so hard for ambiverts to find balance is that there’s no set split in how much time they need for each area. Extroverts know that socialization energizes them; introverts know it drains them. Since ambiverts have a unique balance of the two sides, their perfect balance is highly individualized. 

How can ambiverts create better work-life balance? 

With the right boundaries, tips, and strategies, ambiverts can experience a healthy work-life balance. That way, you’ll avoid burnout and stay your most creative, productive self. 

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Learn that it’s okay to say no

As an ambivert, it’s really important that you learn to say no. Any creative professional knows that there are always a million things you could be doing. But saying no is its own art form—and it’s key to avoiding burnout. 

When you limit what you say yes to, you won’t overcommit and set yourself up for burnout. The busier you are, the less time you have to reflect and rest….and those things are really essential for ambiverts. 

Prioritizing rest will help you be more productive and creative long-term. 

Control your work environment as much as possible

Ambiverts should also set themselves up for success by controlling their work environments. To be the most productive, make sure you can take quiet time whenever you need it. Purchase noise-canceling headphones and use them in 30-minute intervals during the day. 

Don’t be afraid to spend time on your own in the office. You can even explain to your co-workers that sometimes, you need quiet alone time in order to focus. 

On the other hand, if you’re working alone, make time for socialization. Chat with a friend, go grab coffee with someone, or even call your mom. 

The key here is to find your unique balance. Then, you can provide yourself with the resources you need to make that balance part of your daily routine. 

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Plan ahead based on how you typically feel

Making a plan is always helpful. For ambiverts, planning ahead isn’t just helpful—it’s essential. If you’re planning to spend the whole weekend with friends, you might feel burnt out on Monday. Take proactive steps to have restorative time to recover from too much socialization! 

You’ll also need to do this when you spend lots of time alone. Set up lunch or dinner with a friend. Even small, simple moments of connectedness can help prevent loneliness-related burnout for ambiverts. 

Remember that over-socialization and under-socialization each have negative impacts on ambiverts in different ways. Try tracking how you feel each week in a journal to know how to schedule your time effectively! 

Nurture yourself with an amazing morning routine

Work-life balance starts when you wake up. Whether you work from home or in-office, you need to start your day with something other than emails or work. 

Make time for something you love every single morning. Coffee, a walk, your favorite skincare, reading, journaling, or working on a passion project all work for this. Small moments of joy and self-care set you up for an amazing day that’s free of burnout. 

Don’t start the day worrying about work or dreading your to-do list. Remember that you are so much more than what you accomplish at work! 

Particularly for ambiverts, a morning routine makes such a difference in feeling productive, creative, and relaxed. 

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Keep separation between work communication and your personal life

Just as ambiverts should create a strong, self-care-infused morning routine, they should keep work and personal time separate. 

Avoid working from bed or scrolling social media at work. Ambiverts need clear boundaries in order to avoid burnout, so put those in place for yourself by separating work and personal time. 

If you find yourself drained by socializing during the workday, create that boundary and spend time socializing after work ends. Alternatively, if you feel stressed when you can’t bounce ideas off of someone else, find a teammate whose work aligns with your creative vision and have at it!

Tailor your breaks to reflect how you feel

Since ambiverts thrive on socialization and alone time in different amounts, you need to tailor your breaks to reflect how you feel. 

Here’s what we mean!

Extroverts thrive when socializing, so they likely spend all work breaks with other people, chatting and laughing together. But introverts thrive alone, so they spend their breaks doing introspective, restorative things alone. 

For ambiverts, each day and each break can leave you needing something different. Don’t be afraid to make decisions that help YOU feel your best. 

And of course, make sure you’re actually taking breaks throughout the day. Nothing leads to burnout more than working hard without restorative time in between. 

For ambiverts, avoiding creative burnout can be a bit of a challenge. But these tips and strategies will help you accomplish your goals while prioritizing your own unique needs!

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